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Our WHAT is the Individual Fitting System®

treazrly® enables people and organisations to quickly and effectively describe the individual Treasure of each person precisely, and to fit it to the specific role and environment – the Job, the Leader, the Team, and the Company. To achieve this, the treazrly Individual Fitting Model® is used.

The treazrly Individual Fitting System® is intended to align the required SoftFactors with the already existing SoftFactors, when selecting new personnel.

The system is fully digital, easy to use and globally available. The annual subscription offers low costs and high benefits.

The treazrly Individual Fitting System® is the shovel needed to uncover the Treasure for every new job.

That’s why it’s called treazrly!

finding treasures. combining treasures.

The SoftFactors System for personnel selection

The treazrly Individual Fitting System® provides a fully automated process for identifying and detailing SoftFactors for personnel selection. It solves the typical and persistent problem by quickly and effectively highlighting which Resources and Talents are needed. The system allows the precise alignment of SoftFactors of new and existing employees. It also enables all users to understand, activate and combine everyone’s SoftFactors.

Understand what you have and what you are looking for

  • Evaluate SoftFactors per Job (JobCheck).
  • Evaluate SoftFactors per Leader (LeaderCheck).
  • Evaluate SoftFactors per Team (TeamCheck).
  • Evaluate SoftFactors per Company (CompanyCheck).

Find what you are looking for

  • Top SoftFactors description of and for candidates.
  • Top visualisation as a basis for decision-making.
  • Top decision support for HRM and Line Management.

Combining new and existing Resources and Talents

  • Systematic alignment for Job, Leader, Team, and Company.
  • Rapid connection of new personnel with the existing Team.
  • Rapid activation, thanks to SoftFactors Learning.

Feel the real «Treasure» Experience!

Find your individual treasure

The Tool for it

Easy to get!
Easy to learn!
Easy to use!

Win-win for EVERYBODY.
Added benefit for candidates.
Added benefit for the Company.

Selection process becomes easier.
Selection process becomes more professional.
Result becomes more precise.

Saves time and money.
Avoids misunderstandings.
Brings joy!

The shovel for finding and combining Treasures!

«Mit treazrly steht zum ersten Mal ein volldigitales System zur Verfügung, das ALLEN Menschen einer Organisation nützt. Dieses kompakte System unterstützt alle wesentlichen Schritte in der neuen Arbeitswelt. Vom Finden der Passenden Person bis zur individuellen Entwicklung wird alles aktiv begleitet»

René Villiger
Head of HR
COFRA Holding AG

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