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«Treasure» Experience for ALL people.

«Treasure» Experience for ALL people

It is our passion to enable people to find their inner «Treasure» and to combine it optimally with their everyday work. That’s why the treazrly claim reads finding treasures. combining treasures.

With the treazrly Individual Fitting System® people and organizations get THE shovel to make the so far hidden «Treasures» visible, usable and combinable. This fully digital system enables ALL people to benefit from this valuable knowledge for the first time.

We believe that the inner «Treasure» can make an enormous contribution to joy and fulfillment in life for every person. For this reason, the treazrly logo holds a gemstone.

I am very happy that we can use it together for achieving what everyone wants: Productivity AND Happiness.

Best regards and see you soon,
Claudia Willi

Only when found treasures are combined a piece of jewelry is created.

At treazrly®, we are a team of enthusiastic specialists and visionaries who believe that the balance of Productivity AND Happiness can be achieved by every individual.

Our goal is to make a valuable contribution to the world and help people achieve greater success, fulfillment and happiness.

To build a system that leads to this goal, it is necessary to systemically combine the most effective and successful ideas, approaches and methods.

That is why our international and interdisciplinary team consists of experienced experts from the fields of leadership, organizational and human resource development, psychology, didactics, design, technology and communication.

The result is the world’s first fully digital and integrated Learning AND Development system.

With treazrly®, a globally usable system has been created that meets the highest standards in terms of innovation, methodology, technology and quality.

The high quality refers not only to the technology, but also to the soft factors of the treazrly® system.

The highest quality standards have been implemented in data security as well as in the empathetic selection of words and expressions. Each impulze is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Swiss quality in action.

The treazrly® system combines scientifically advanced principles with concrete, practical application.

To ensure that treazrly® accompanies and supports in everyday life in a human and sympathetic way, it is consistently built according to the principles of positive psychology.

State-of-the-art technology easy and cool!

«Mit treazrly steht zum ersten Mal ein volldigitales System zur Verfügung, das ALLEN Menschen einer Organisation nützt. Dieses kompakte System unterstützt alle wesentlichen Schritte in der neuen Arbeitswelt. Vom Finden der Passenden Person bis zur individuellen Entwicklung wird alles aktiv begleitet»

René Villiger
Head of HR
COFRA Holding AG

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