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Achieve what everybody wants: Productivity AND Happiness

We believe that every person has a unique inner treasure of Resources and Talents. Those who can uncover and apply these in  the world of work achieve the real «Treasure» Experience.

Out of this comes what everyone wants Productivity AND Happiness.

Each of us has very individual «treasure» within ourself. Find yours!

Fitting the Job
Every Job requires a very specific mix of Resources and Talents. The treazrly JobCheck is used to identify which SoftFactors are essential for this specific role. In this way, the needs of the person are coordinated with the requirements of the Job.
Fitting the Leader
Every Leader has their own individual mix of Resources and Talents. The treazrly LeaderCheck evaluates how the SoftFactors of the team Leader and candidate can be optimally aligned.
Fitting the Team
Every Team has its own dynamics, based on the individual Resources and Talents of the team members. The treazrly TeamCheck balances the Team’s existing SoftFactors with the required SoftFactors from new candidates.
Fitting the Company
Every Company has its own specific culture. The treazrly CompanyCheck captures and describes this, enabling a new hire to quickly orientate themself and become part of the Company culture.

How do you find «Treasure» Experience?

«Treasure» Experience occurs when a candidate is the optimal fit for the Job, the Leader, the Team and the Company.

The treazrly Individual Fitting Model® enables this mutual alignment. The SoftFactors that are so important in creating a good fit are taken into account from the very beginning of the process, for each new position to be filled.

This creates the environment conducive to a successful and fulfilling cooperation.

finding treasures. combining treasures.

A precious treasure is never found on the surface; only seekers who  dig will discover it. The treazrly Individual Fitting System® is the Shovel used to uncover the Human Treasure within (finding treasures).

Uncovering each person’s unique Treasures makes it possible to combine all the individual Resources and Talents optimally (combining treasures). Using this variety ensures that people  and organisations achieve what everybody wants: Productivity AND Happiness.

«Mit treazrly steht zum ersten Mal ein volldigitales System zur Verfügung, das ALLEN Menschen einer Organisation nützt. Dieses kompakte System unterstützt alle wesentlichen Schritte in der neuen Arbeitswelt. Vom Finden der Passenden Person bis zur individuellen Entwicklung wird alles aktiv begleitet»

René Villiger
Head of HR
COFRA Holding AG

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